Evaluation of various global solar radiation models for Nigeria

Okundamiya, M.S. ; Emagbetereb, J.O. ; Ogujorb, E.A. (2016-01-01)

A journal article


This study assessed the performance of six solar radiation models. The objective was to determine the most accurate model for estimating global solar radiation on a horizontal surface in Nigeria. Twenty-two years meteorological data sets collected from the Nigerian Meteorological agency and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for the three regions, covering the entire climatic zones in Nigeria were utilized for calibrating and validating the selected models for Nigeria. The accuracy and applicability of various models were determined for three locations (Abuja, Benin City, and Sokoto), which spread across Nigeria using seven viable statistical indices. This study found that the estimation results of considered models are statistically significant at the 95% confidence level, but their accuracy varies from one location to another. However, the multivariable regression relationship deduced in terms of sunshine ratio, air temperature ratio, maximum air temperature, and cloudiness performs better than other relationships. The multivariable relationship has the least root mean square error and mean absolute bias error, not exceeding 1.0854 and 0.8160 MJ m−2 day−1, respectively, and monthly relative percentage error in the range of ± 12% for the study areas.